Terms and conditions

  1. General terms.

1.1 It’s required to learn the general provisions and the basic rules of the system to use our company’s services.

This agreement includes the following conditions:

1.2 The User must immediately terminate cooperation with our company forever, if he doesn’t agree with the current Agreement rules.

  1. Client registration.

2.1 Registration is a mandatory step.

2.2 The user confirms the current Agreement rules by signing up on the platform.

2.3 Only those persons, who have reached the age of majority (18 years), may start cooperation with our company.

2.4 Successful registration proves that the client confirms the actions nature, taken on the resource.

2.5 Each user is entitled to create one account only. If revealing multiple accounts, they will be blocked and funds in the accounts can be frozen until the circumstances are clarified.

2.5 The user is provided with a chance to independently create a password and login. Data are not transferable to the third parties. The user is personally responsible for his account.

  1. Company’s rights and obligations.

3.1 The service undertakes to regularly provide a high resource security and protection degree and also guarantees each client’s personal data confidentiality.

3.2 The administration is entitled to temporarily or permanently block a user account, if revealing the following violations:

3.2.1 The website’s functionality has been damaged or its operation has been hindered;

3.2.2 One user may create several accounts;

3.2.3 Revealing at least one violation of any Agreement’s terms; if revealing such violations, the Administration blocks the violator’s account, with the subsequent funds charge from the account. In such a case the funds are not subject to return.

3.4 In case of technical malfunctions on the site, the safety of customer accounts will be guaranteed.

3.5. Funds calculation and payment are carried out within a single investment tariff.

3.6 Funds are withdrawn manually. Operations processing time may take up to 24 hours.

3.7. The administration is not responsible for user data in cases of fraud attacks. Customers should avoid sharing own password to other persons in order to save personal data. Thus, it is possible to protect your account from all kinds of illegal penetration, copying and changing any data in your personal data.

  1. Client’s rights and obligations.

4.1 The service users are only those customers, who have passed free registration and have reached the age of majority (18 years).

4.2 The client is obliged to comply with the following rules and obligations:

4.2.1 Be responsible for the selected username and password safety;

4.2.2 Indicate reliable personal data only;

4.2.3 Adhere to all Agreement’s terms;

4.2.4 Avoid spreading spam about the project. Otherwise account will be immediately blocked;

4.2.5 Require the administration to fulfill all the conditions, provided in the current Agreement.

4.3 The client is entitled to use the affiliate program and distribute the link by any available means.

4.4 The client is entitled to choose any available payment system for the deposit replenishment, specified on the service.

4.5. The client is entitled to cash in currency and volume, established by the current Agreement terms, given the tariff plan.

  1. Confidentiality.

5.1 The service guarantees the following duties fulfillment:

5.1.1 Avoid transferring or renting personal the client’s data without his personal permit;

5.1.2 Reliably protect the participants’ personal data from loss, changes, destruction, other uses by the third-party resources.

5.1.3 Store all data on the servers with a multi-level security system, exclude extraneous access;

5.1.4 Provide 24/7 access to accounts to own customers only;

5.1.5 Ensure maximum security for your own resource.

5.1.6 Use the customers’ personal data to resolve the current questions only:

  1. Risk data.

The modern financial market does not guarantee the investments preservation. The client must clearly realize that all the charges against deception and fraud will be perceived as a false denunciation. This may result in the contract termination between the client and the service.